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Plexr Care Kit

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Plexr Care Kit stems from the need of professionals to perform their own patients with a precise protocol and appropriate cosmetic products after applying the Plexr treatment.
It is formulated to be used in very delicate areas such as the eyelid and is useful for managing in a simple and safe Plexr interventions and beyond.

Purse contains:
– 4 products for home care after Plexr’s treatment
– post-treatment protocol
– informed consent
– information about Plexr’s treatment

Factor K
Sebum-balancing face cream.
50ml bottle

Vitamin E acetate, NMF, UV filter.
50ml bottle

Skin Cover
1 Skin Cover Dark e 1 Skin Cover Light
30ml bottles

Uniforms and corrects skin imperfections, plant-based UV protection.
Total coverage.

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